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Dexter Companies announces BrickPi system for checking the Kindle Audience

Washington, DC – Dec 6, 2013: Dexter Companies announces your release of your project developed using their BrickPi system for checking the Kindle Audience. The task, BrickPi Bookreader, uses your LEGO Mindstorms system and also the Raspberry Pi to read Kindle Textbooks and digitize the written text. The book may be stored to help file, as well as read aloud using text to speech software.

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The task was inspired with the Google Textbooks Library Project, which has made a serious effort in the last year to help digitize 130 million of the world’s books in a number of major libraries. In the demonstration video clip released with the company, the BrickPi Bookreader reads a website of Edgar Allen Poe coming from a Nexus capsule. The LEGO robotic arm can be controlled with the Raspberry Pi along with automatically converts the page of the Kindle readers. Using the Raspberry Pi, the graphic is turned into text, and also the page of the book can be read out loud.

The organization has produced all design and style plans along with code with the Bookreader project on the website.

The BrickPi is often a device put together by Dexter Companies that produces LEGO robotics to the Raspberry Pi. This Kickstarter task was successfully funded throughout June of 2013, boosting over $125, 000 with the project. Dexter Companies completed fulfilment of the BrickPi Kickstarter task in April 2013 and is also currently advertising the BrickPi via their website and international distributors.

Dexter Companies designs informative devices with the LEGO Mindstorms, Raspberry Pi along with Arduino systems. The organization produces numerous sensors regarding education along with hobbyists. Their items include solar energy systems regarding LEGO spiders, a GPS guidance system, WIFI sales and marketing communications for LEGOs, and strain temperature sensors with the Mindstorms NXT system.

More Home elevators Dexter Industries can be found here: http: //www. dexterindustries. com.

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